Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where has the time gone?!?!?

I've said this a million times, but I'm going to say it again - the past year and a half has absolutely FLOWN by! I realized this even more how quickly the time has gone when we got together with the Shulls and the News this weekend and Jaxson was crawling and Kensington was walking! It was crazy!
Here are our kiddos (plus Nathan) in March...
And here they are in May...
And here they were on Sunday!
Can you believe how much they've grown?!?!?!
(Please excuse Luke's wierd face - this was seriously the only picture out of about 12 where all three of them were actually in the chair)
I have absolutely LOVED getting to see our precious babies grow up and can't wait for them all to play together when they're older - so fun! :)

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