Monday, September 14, 2009

I Heart Mod Podge

The longer I know Mod Podge, the deeper in love I fall with it :) hahaha
I've drooled over the mod-podged clipboards that you see on every other person's blog and it's taken me forever to get my act together with making one, but in a moment of creativness a few weeks ago I broke down, busted out my mod podge and scrapbook paper and went to town.

The back: Anyway, it was a super fun project and I really enjoyed making it - my club this year at school is "craft club" adn I think I'll take this project on with my 20 girls... we'll have to see.


  1. I *heart* it too, though I've never seen one of these clipboards you speak of on "every other person's blog." Geez, I need to get with the times, ey?

    Was it hard to get the paper around the clip? I think you need to revise your post with a step-by-step instruction. I want to copy you. (though I have no real world application for a clipboard) So cute!

  2. SO cute! I however, am still obsessed with magnets. :) Next time we see each other I'll tell you all about it. LOVE all the recent pics of Luke! He is TOO CUTE!


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