Thursday, September 3, 2009

Almost Famous

A small independent film about school bullying, "Revenge of the Grasshoppers", is being filmed at MCA. Several of my students are being used as extras and when filming began last Friday I think they realized that being in a movie may not be as glamorous or fun as they had originally thought. :)
The scene they were working on was being filmed outside of my classroom and the girls had to stand in a little group outside my window and pretend like they were talking. I think it was fun for the first ten minutes or so, but after about 3 hours they were pretty sick of it.
I felt really awkward walking outside and taking pictures, so I snapped a couple of them through my window - they're really horrible pics:

The film crew will be back this Friday and I'm determined to get a few better pics - ones where you can actually tell that they're extras in a movie - not just loitering outside of my room :)

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