Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Waiting Game

On Sunday we were super eager to see Dave after his trip to Germany and so after Luke's morning nap we loaded up the car, picked Gibi up and headed to Grapevine Mills. We hadn't been there in FOREVER and thought it might be a fun couple of hours - but it turned out to be kind of a nightmare. I have no idea why, but the place was PACKED! There were tons of people and it was completely overwhelming and hot (ha!) and so after hitting about 4 stores, eating a PB&J sandwich and downing the biggest Diet Coke we could find we headed to the airport. Jessica was already there with Abigail and Kate and Luke immediatley hit the ground running :) He chased Kate around and they had a fantastic time:

This happened to be a day when a lot of military were arriving home and so we got to watch all of that which was really neat:
It put my whining over Dave's 10-day absence into perspective when you got to talk to wives whose husbands had been gone for a year or more. Thank God that there are families willing to do that! All of my pictures are blurry becuase Luke and Kate were just that - a blur

We ended up waiting almost an hour and a half, in which time Luke met plenty of strangers and ran himself completely weary. It was nice to get to catch up with Lori, Manda, Jessica and Kelly as well... but honestly, I hope that we don't have to wait at the airport again for a VERY long time. ha!

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