Friday, August 28, 2009

Various Things

I haven't had time this week to get a good post together, but here are few various pictures from the last week or so to hold ya'll over until I can get a legitimate post up...
I love this picture... it shows Luke's silly personality - in a box, no shirt and playing with bath toys. ha! and if you'll look closely at the window in the back of the pick you'll see a giant pile of stuffed animals - he LOVES stuffed animals right now. He piles them all up, carries them around and gives them periodic hugs. I put them away every night and they're one of the first things he gets out in the mornings: I finally finished "World Without End"!!!! YAY!!! Last summer I picked up ThePillars of the Earth by Ken Follet - historical fiction isn't generally my genre, but I had heard good things, so I gave it a try and LOVED it. Then last Christmas my parents gave me World Without End, the sequel (kind of) to Pillars of The Earth. It was a whopping 1500+ pages (eek!) and considering that I only really get a chance to read a few pages a day it's no surprise that it took me almost seven months to finish it. I absolutely loved the book and if you're looking for a great read I'd highly recommend it:

As you all know, Luke loves him some Baby Einstein, and he has a new favorite way to watch it (please note the crossed ankles - of course!):
I'm sorry, but how cute is this?!!?!?!:
If he's not watching it lying down, then he's probably standing WAY too close to the TV, in only a diaper, with a hiney cheek hanging out: Hope you enjoyed my completely unrelated and random post - hopefully I'll have better pictures up later this weekend! :)

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