Monday, August 24, 2009


I logged into Facebook yesterday, and up popped a notification: "Hanna Marshall has tagged a photo of you". Crud. I was in college when Facebook came out, and at the time it was just for college kids... now everyone and their mom (including mine) has a facebook account and it seems like they're all digging up the most random and unflattering pictures to tag me in :) ha!
So when I clicked on my notification, here's what I saw: Ugh! This was snapped while I was calling out attendance on the Freshman bus before we left for Pine Cove and I have no idea why my hand is in front of my face. Lovely.
So since I'm in the mood for self-deprecation I thought I'd share some other misc pictures that I've been tagged in on Facebook.
In NC I used to babysit for a little girl named Evelyn every day after school. She's now a sophomore in college and posted this picture of us:
Umbro shorts, a giant t-shirt and a huge retainer... I don't even know what to say.

This picture showed up after our day at the donkey farm when I took my group to eat at Chipotle... why someone would post this on Facebook is a little bit beyond me:
If you're on Facebook then you've seen a bazillion of these: It's all these random "characters" and then people tag the "characters" as their friends. This is probably my favorite tag of all time, because I'm the "hot mama" hahaha!

Another fantastic picture snapped by one of my students - I think that this was after we had just spent 5+ hours on a bus to Houston and we arrived at Main Event to bowl at like 11:00 in the morning:
Here's another one of my favorite, I got tagged as the "stylish one". hahaha:
Oh gosh - here I am with two of my students at The Snow Ball two years ago - I was 7 months pregnant - enough said:
This was during Wild Week (our basketball spirit week) two years ago and one of my students took this picture because she thought it was funny that our shirts said "Wild About MCA Basketball" and it looked like I had a basketball stuffed under my shirt: (I don't think I realized how big I was at the time... but looking back I'm shocked... I still had 2 months to go in this pic!)

There were a few more that I opted not to share, simply because I didn't think ya'll would want to be my friends anymore if you saw a picture of me dressed up like Daphne from Scooby Doo in a college skit (seriously - it's mildly disturbing).


  1. That preggo shot makes me feel so good! In my mind, you were itty, bity, tiny for 9 least this proves you got to "basketball" size. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm interested in "our day at the donkey farm." I'd like to read more about that. :)


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