Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Today was my first day back at school (yes, crazy private school is already gearing up!) and it was great.
Last year was a CRAZY year for me - between adjusting to being a working mom (which was WAY more complicated than I thought - I seriously had visions of grading papers while he nursed in the boppy - let me tell ya... it most definitely didn't go down like that!), teaching five classes, dealing with my rowdiest bunch of Junior Highers yet and tackling all of my Student Government events I was BEAT by the end of the year.
Over the summer I decided that my new motto at work was going to be to "simplify" and to get rid of the excess commitments and focus on what was really important to me. That said, I decided to give up my role as Student Government sponsor for this school year. It was one of those decisions that I agonized over but knew was the right choice.

This year more than any other I am renewed, re-energized and really looking forward to focusing on being a fabulous teacher (and on this little man):I know that this one is blurry, but come on, he has pasta hanging out of his mouth, how adorable is that?!?! ha!
Check out those teeth!
This is a sweet game he likes to play where he checks out his toes: Anyway, I'll keep ya'll updated as to my simplified status, and Shay, you can say an extra prayer for me heading back to school this week (hahaha).


  1. Hey girl, I'm seriosuly a tad bit jealous that you're starting school. I LOVED starting a new school year! Thos jr. highers sure are blessed to have you as their teacher!!! We miss you and Luke.

  2. I guess I'll pray for you...I don't like it but since you asked...:). I think living life more simply is the best thing a mom can do. I am encouraged by your new attitude! Thank you!


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