Thursday, July 16, 2009

Swingset Update Part II

A few posts ago I mentioned the swingset that one of my co-workers kindly offered to Dave and I if we wanted it... we just had to take it apart and move it from their yard to ours. Well, the disassembling that was slated to last a morning, ended up lasting WELL into the afternoon and a Saturday afternoon after that and a Saturday afternoon after that (complete with hacksaw). Long story short, the pieces were all in our backyard as of last week and this past Sunday Dave and Grandpa got to work and got almost all of it put together. The roof still needs to go on and there are a few pieces of railing at the front still missing, but since I don't foresee Luke climbing the ladder to get up there anytime soon I think we'll be safe. Our plan is to mulch the whole area back there and Grandpa is going to turn the bottom part of the fort into a sandbox. So exciting!
The only flaw in the plan so far is that it is WAY TOO BLAZING HOT to use it! Even though the swingset is in the shade 100% of the day, the only time we've been able to swing is before 8:30 in the morning or after 7:00 at night (at which time I can't go outside anyway for fear of getting West Nile Virus - seriously people, this is a post unto itself - but the minute I step outside, slathered in bug spray to boot, I get attacked. Right now I'm currently nursing approximately 137 various bites. Gross).
Anyway, props to Grandpa and Daddy for all of their hard work! We're looking forward to LOTS of hours spent out on the swingset!!! Love you guys!!!

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  1. it looks good! glad you got it put up! Those things take forever to assemble! especially in the heat!!


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