Friday, July 24, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Wedding Dresses

It's Friday! Which means Kelly at Kelly's Korner is hosting another "Show Us" day - and this time it's wedding dresses! Dave and I got married in December of 2004 and when it came time to look for a wedding dress I really had no idea what I was looking for - unless you consider simple, flowy and kind of different knowing what you want :)
My mom and I headed out one Saturday "just to look" and ended up at a boutique in Dallas. As we walked in I saw this dress hanging up and absolutley loved it. The only problem was that it wasn't being made anymore and the only one they had left was a size 10. It was originally close to $2,000 and since it was a sample we got it for $250! $100 in alterations later (a TON of hemming, rebeading and taking out 4 back panels) by THE BEST alteration lady ever and I was in business!
Here's me in my dress before the wedding. I didn't do a veil... it was just a little too traditional for my taste:

A view of the front:

This picture cracks me up! I guess I didn't try on my dress after the alterations close enough to the day of and when I put it on I couldn't get it to stay up. My mom ended up having to sew me into it!
The back:
Anyway, here's the rest of my wedding dress story - I just wasn't all that sentimental about keeping it. That's great for a lot of people, but the thought of taking up valuable closet space with a dress that I would never want my daughter to feel pressured into wearing or having it preserved and not being able to open the box just wasn't my idea of a good time, so I listed it on Ebay. I figured that I wore it, loved it and had great memories of it, but since I never intended to wear it again I could pass the dress along to somebody else who could enjoy it as much as I did. Much to my surprise the bidding was successful and I actually made a profit of several hundred dollars on my dress! I wrote a sweet note to the adorable girl who bought it from me wishing her well at her wedding and in her marriage, popped that sucker in the mail and have enjoyed looking at pictures of the dress ever since. :)


  1. What a gorgeous dress! You were such a beautiful bride.


  2. Really really pretty dress!!! I think you made a practical choice in selling it!

  3. great idea!!
    your dress was gorgeous.

  4. Love that you sold your dress! You're so practical, Andrea. And I also think it's funny that we were on opposite ends of the veil spectrum.

  5. I found your blog through Kelly's Korner. You do a great job w/ it! What program do you use for digital scrapbooking?

  6. so pretty! my grandmother had to sew me into mine too!!

  7. With your beautiful bangs you really didn't need a veil!! Good for you for selling the dress, how nice that it didn't go to waste!!

  8. Pretty dress. It was perfect for you!

  9. What a great story! You looked very lovely!

  10. I love your dress. And I do appreciate your practical decision. I have a hard time to let things go.

    I got to your blog with the blog hop.

    By the way, I am Fabiola. Nice to meet you.

  11. You made a beautiful bride and your dress was beautiful, thank your fro sharing!


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