Monday, July 27, 2009


If randomness was a real word, I think it would accurately sum up the past week or so in our house. I have every intention of putting some of these pictures into scrapbook pages, but with the pace things are going now and the fact that I go back to school for teacher work days on THE FOURTH (yes, the 4th, people! That's like a week and a day away! EEEK!) I'm not sure when those pages will actually get done. So to avoid getting weeks behind on my blogging, here's a smattering of what we've been up to:
These pictures are from two weeks ago and they're horrible. But you can get an idea of how stinkin' adorable he looked :)

Last Monday I walked in from the kitchen to see this sweet scene:

This picture is from our trip to Allen Outlet Mall and I didn't include it in the scrapbook page (from my last post), but I thought it was cute enough to share with ya'll:

I have a page in the works with cute pictures of Dave and Luke taking out the trash, but this picture isn't included and it shows why Luke's knees are a constant mess:
Two of Luke's latest pastimes - sticking out his tongue and messing with his diaper:
Wearing underwear on his head (I'll explain the underwear in a later post):
Creative project of the week - I put these cork board square up inside these two cabinet doors. It's been a great way to keep track of little scraps of important info. I picked them up at Lowes and they were the PERFECT size, but the adhesive backing strips they came with worked for about 12 minutes and so I had to hot glue them to the wood:
Luke likes to put silly things on his head (a basket, underwear, goggles, etc.) and then look at himself in the mirror. This is a pic of us looking in the mirror...
When I made Luke's lunch the other day I took his plate out of the microwave and realized that it was almost the same amount that I would eat (ha!) and so I took a picture :) He ate leftover fettuccini alfredo, sweet potatoes, meat loaf and (not pictured) strawberries, pears, goldfish crackers and a cookie. YUM!
On Friday I put Luke down for his afternoon nap around 2:00 and had to go in a couple of times to "settle him". He likes to jump and throw his pacis out of the crib and usually if I just go in and lay him back down he'll go right to sleep. Well, on this day it was almost 3:30 and he was still jumping and giggling so I went in to lay him back down and I saw that both of his pacis were on the floor. The lights were off and when I bent down to pick the pacis up I noticed that the carpet was wet. When I looked into the crib I could see that he had pulled his diaper off and had stood at the rails and peed onto the carpet! I quickly put a diaper on him (and shorts!), washed off the pacis (ewww!) and laid him back down and he went right to sleep. Too funny!

I apologize for the randomness of this post, but hope you enjoyed these bits and pieces!


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