Friday, July 3, 2009


As I've mentioned before, I have a LONG project list for the summer, and I'm somehow managing to check things off! YAY! This past week, painting the kitchen and making curtains were next on my list, so I spent about 9 hours straight painting a couple of Mondays ago and have been doing some miscellaneous touch-ups since then. The color is "French Pale Gold" and I'm in LOVE! :) When the painting was done it was time to head to my second home, Hobby Lobby, and pick up some fabric and other necessities. It wouldn't be a trip to Hobby Lobby with my mom without Luke doing something silly, like posing with a Santa head or trying on a weird felt hat :)
When I got home, I put my choices up on the mantle and pondered over them for the next day or so...
Then my mom came over, proceeded to school me in sewing and we got started.
Please pardon my gross hair and no makeup... priorities people. There were curtains to be sewed.
Sewing snack... wedding cake! (Since Dave works at the country club and they had a wedding the night before, he performed his husbandly duties and brought me a giant chunk of cake). No, I didn't eat the peanut butter with the cake, but I'm embarrassed to say that the cake was already out and being consumed while I was making Luke his breakfast :)
After an evening of hand-sewing on the tassley trim stuff (that's the official sewing terminology) and attaching the curtain rings to the top, one panel is finished!
Hooray!!! Here's a quick before and after (before paint AND curtains)
Just to stay accountable, I'll tell ya'll that the next project on my list is to paint my guest bathroom. A much smaller task than the kitchen (hallelujah!)


  1. Your curtains look GREAT!!!!! I bet you feel so good now that you've got some paint up and the windows dressed. NOTHING warms up a room like paint and window treatments!

  2. I LOVE the wall color! And I miss you. You made a guest star appearance in my dream last night, so I will be emailing or calling very very soon!!


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