Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I know that this post is going to be random, but it's just a little teeny insight into one of the things that makes me VERY VERY happy... yummy food! And the last day I have been extremely happy as the photos on the left show :) Last night, awesome grilled burger and a Diet Coke (my 2nd of the day - eeek!) and then this morning cinnamon rolls and Starbucks - I'm sorry, but it doesn't get any better than that. Tonight I'm making poppyseed chicken so the good times should just keep on rollin'. ha!
On a side note, Luke and I ventured out to the beach club this afternoon and I really thought that I was going to die while I was packing him up and driving over there. It's close enough that my car never fully cools down and loading and unloading Luke, his stroller, beach toys, etc is exhausting! I have vowed to be a hermit for the rest of the week :) it's just not worth going out. I think he drank about half a gallon of chlorinated water and ate a good fist full of sand while we were there, but he had a great time. I didn't bring my camera so I don't have any photographic proof of his good time, but the sand in his swimsuit, my swimsuit, my car, my front hall and my bathroom can vouch for us :)

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