Thursday, June 11, 2009

Teeth... who needs them?!?!

I'm officially casting my vote for there being no more teeth - ever! I'm currently sitting at my computer listening to my sweet boy scream and cough in his crib and have vowed to do this until 11:32... exactly 15 minutes since I placed him back in his crib after rocking him back to sleep (or so I thought). We didn't take his temperature, but he most definitley feels cool (hopefully no more fever since it's been 101+ all day with Tylenol/Ibuprofen), and I think the three teeth he's cutting are making him miserable. It's horrible, because I know that if I go in there and pick him up he'll be fine... but then I may end up holding him all night! Anyway, there's really no purpose in me writing this, other than to vent and give me something to do other than rush in there and scoop the pitiful little guy up. Stayin' strong until 11:32!!! :)

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