Monday, June 29, 2009

Swingset - Update

Well, the one-hour project turned into 4 and we only have parts of the set in our backyard. From what I understand, the screws are stripped and put way too far into the wood, etc., etc., etc. But after 4 hours in the rain, the boys decided to call it a day and headed home. In the meantime, I finished the curtains for the kitchen and have been dealing with a sick little boy. He's been coughing and hacking and has a really runny nose, and now has a rash all over his back. We just got back from the Dr. and the poor little guy has Roseola. He and Dave are laying on the couch watching Baby Einstein (praise God for Baby Einstein) and my plan is to go lay down as well. It's been an exhausting day and I need to rest up for The Bachelorette tonight - I have a feeling that it's going to be the most dramatic rose ceremony ever and I want to make sure I'm well rested :)

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