Thursday, June 18, 2009

Squeaky McGoo

A mom of one of my students has a little boy that's about a year older than Luke, and ever since Luke was first born she's blessed me with lots of John's cute clothes and shoes that he's outgrown. Yesterday, I happened to remember her giving me these little tennis shoes that squeak when you walk and saying that they were supposed to encourage kids to walk instead of crawl. I popped them on Luke's feet and he immediatley took off! He's been doing a mix of walking and crawling, but after yesterday afternoon it's been walking all the way. Please excuse the fact that Luke has no pants on (ha!) he had just gotten up from a nap (and seriously, can you really take a good nap with pants on??? I don't think so!). So anyway, here's a video of my little Squeaky McGoo running around making LOTS of noise:

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