Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sickly, Craftiness and Ticked!

First off here's a picture of Luke and I right before he fell asleep on the couch at 9:00 this morning. When we put him to bed last night (after some quality family time taking cover in the bathtub - more on that later) we noticed that he was feeling a little warm and when I took his temp it was 101.4! We gave him some Tylenol and he went right to sleep, but my neurotic self got up and took his temp again at 2:30 is was 102! I immediately started freaking out and "googling" fevers in toddlers and was then convinced that he was going to have a febrile seizure or that he had west nile virus. Dave is always a little more rational than I am, so he suggested that he set his alarm, get up and check his temp at 4:00 and then we could reevaluate the situation. It was about the same at 4:00, and at 5:00 he was crying so we brought his little pajama-less self into our bed. He slept "fitfully" for about another hour when we put in the S.O.S. call to Gibi (it is a SERIOUS perk to have a doting Gibi right down the street). After another dose of Tylenol and a bottle he perked right up, but by 9:00 he was pooped again. He's sleeping now and I'm hoping that he'll sleep until at least 11:00, but hopefully noon. Anyway, I'm super disappointed because we're going to miss playing with our friends today at Jeni's house, but alas, we'll have to wait until next week.
Now onto less feverish and more crafty things. I told you in my Top 5 Post how the Shabby Nest blog inspired me with some thrifty decorating ideas and that I'd share where that inspiration has taken me so far, so here it goes:
I found these cream candlesticks covered in wax at a thrift store for $3. A little cleaning and I think that they're pretty cute. I'm contemplating chocolate tapers for them and am planning on doing another project to replace the plant, but for $3 I think it's lookin' pretty good so far:
I have TONS of "memorabilia" type stuff from Dave and my high school dating relationship (and by tons I mean a giant Tupperware container filled with notes we passed, prom tickets and other various knick knacks) and when I saw this cute little glass bottle on sale at Hobby Lobby I knew that I could find some purpose for it. I decided on filling it with the DOZENS if movie ticket stubs I saved from high school... kind of cheesy, but I think it's also kind of sweet :)
On to crafty project number 3 - my chalkboard tray. I've seen this idea on numerous blogs, and so when I saw this really old silver tray at a thrift store for $3 I scooped it up...
Two coats of chalkboard paint... (I also painted the side of a pitcher so I could write what was in it)
... a $2 plate holder and $1.50 worth of ribbon and I have myself a cute little message board for above my stove. Right now I just have the beginning of the blessing that we say with Luke before every meal, but I can picture bday messages, countdowns to Christmas and memory verses on it as well. Super easy, super thrifty and super cute :) I have a few more projects I'm working on and I'll keep ya'll apprised.

Now on to the "ticked" section of this post... I understand that there were tornadoes in the area and that the public needed to be informed to take cover, but seriously... priorities, people! I missed the first hour of So You Think You Can Dance last night and am completely devastated that the episodes are not available online. I mean, the storm coverage was on every other channel, why couldn't Fox tell their viewers that if they wanted storm coverage that they'd have to tune in to another channel because they had SYTYCD to air?!?!?! The results show is on tonight, so I guess I'll just have to take the recaps and go with it, but I'm still ticked! :)


  1. LOVE the chalkboard silver tray. I have several silver trays in my guest bedroom closet that used to be hanging on my wall...I totally need to get those out and paint them! Hope your little guy is feeling better soon...we missed you two today!

  2. Poor Luke!! Praying he feels better VERY soon...& while I'm praying for that I'm gonna go ahead and ask for an ounce of your creative abilities ;) Seriously cute! I LOVE the glass jar with the movie ticket stubs. Such a great idea.


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