Thursday, May 14, 2009

Why We Love Gibi

There are lots of reasons that we love Gibi (as a matter of fact, I've started a whole post about this, but haven't gotten it all together yet), but today I'm writing about just one - she's super fun :) Gibi can make anything fun, even a routine trip to Lowes. We were there a few weeks ago and when I came around the corner this is what I saw:
Gibi had discovered a fun new toy and was toting Luke around in the "On The Go Garden Cart". As you can see from the pictures below, Luke got a HUGE kick out of it...

When it was time to get back in the regular cart, Luke and Gibi continued their antics... I LOVE the relationship that Luke and Gibi have and I can't wait to see their special bond grow even more.

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