Thursday, May 21, 2009

Time of Your Life

So I JUST got back from graduation and I thought I'd share a picture with ya'll... our school has a cool tradition where all the Upper School (Junior High and High School) Faculty have to wear robes and hoods as part of the ceremony - it all feels very official and academic :) Thank goodness that we don't have to wear the hats!!!
(From left to right this is our Journalism teacher, HS Spanish teacher and me)

Anyway, I always love going to our graduations because coming from a high school class of like 800+ it's such a refreshing contrast to our graduation for this year's class of 24. There's a Senior video where they all get to share special memories and shout outs and a time of meditation and prayer for the graduates and their parents - it's just really personal and special. I thought it was super funny though that during their Senior video, the last song that was played (while baby pictures and senior pictures were being shown) was Good Riddance by Green Day (you know... "I've hope you had the time of your life...") and it cracked me up because that was my classes Senior song :) I guess that now it's a "classic". haha! I know that this is going to seem super sentimental and sappy, but I got a little bit choked up watching all the baby pictures come up and then turn into their current pics - I couldn't help but think about Luke and how all the parents tonight were telling me to cherish him while he's little b/c before I know it he'll be graduation high school - I really hope it doesn't go by as fast as everyone says it will!
Anyway, I can't believe that another school year has gone by and that it's already summer. Tomorrow I have to go in for a staff meeting and to complete my summer check-out, but hopefully I'll be done before lunch and can begin my fun summer vacation (aka painting my house) a little bit early. Wish me luck!
Random Sidenote: I thought it should be noted that I didn't let my boring scholarly robe mask my style too much - I wore these awesome black and white and polka dot espadrilles with red laces that showed underneath my robe - very un-math teachery :) hehehe

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  1. Yay MHS class of '02! We had such a great group of people. I could hear that song playing in my head as I read this post. Good Times :)


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