Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Crazy Eights... You're Tagged!

Shay tagged me with the Crazy Eights Blog Game, and ya'll know I'm always up for a good game, so here it goes:

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To...
1) Finishing painting my house!!! (I've set a goal to finish a room a week this summer... I'll keep you posted)
2) Getting Luke up from his nap (he's sleeping right now)
3) Reading a few more pages in "World Without End"
4) Finally getting a tan this summer (cross your fingers)
5) Working with my student government kids in July
6) Hopefully going on a mission trip next spring
7) Strawberries and whipped cream for dessert (and possibly dinner, too) tonight
8) Taking Luke to swim lessons

8 Things I Did Yesterday...
1) Ate breakfast with my boys
2) Baked Amish friendship bread (I have 3 starters if anyone's interested)
3) Went to the Ft. Worth Zoo
4) Took about a zillion pictures
5) Rode the carousel with Luke for the first time
6) Ate a giant cone of BlueBell chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
7) Worked on painting the family room
8) Watched my TiVo's episodes of The Bachelorette and Jon and Kate Plus 8

8 Things I Wish I Could Do...
1) Finish painting my family room tonight :) ha!
2) Have LOTS of free time to read and knit
3) Take better photographs
4) Teach from home (hehehe)
5) Live in a place where it doesn't get above 80 degrees
6) Eat Italian food every day
7) Keep Luke little forever
8) Sing :)

8 Shows I Watch
1) Lost
2) The Bachelorette (kind of ashamed to admit it, but oh well)
3) Any and all Law and Orders
4) All of the Real Housewives shows
5) The Office/Parks and Recreation (I lumped them into one show b/c they're on right after eachother... hehehe)
6) Grey's Anatomy
7) Brothers and Sisters
8) Amazing Race (I know it's not on right now, but I had to mention it b/c I'm determined to be on it one day) ha!

8 People I Tag...
1) Jeni
2) Rachel
3) Jessica
4) Laura
5) Kristen A.
6) Mandy
7) Lori
8) Loree


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