Thursday, May 14, 2009

Date Nights with My Mom

The past two weekends my mom and I have left Luke with Grandpa and have headed out on some seriously crazy date nights (haha!). Last weekend we went and watched some of my Junior High students perform "Meet Me In St. Louis" (their whining about memorizing a couple of formulas will forever fall on deaf ears after watching them flawlessly recite about an hour and a half worth of lines).
The weekend before last we were at MCA again, this time for the Opening Night Auction supporting the Student Life Center. I won a Sid Dickens memory block in the silent auction (actually, I gave my bidder number to the student on the far left in the photo below and she won it for me - by the end of the night she knew all the other women who were bidding and she actually "snuck" into the room at the very end to write my winning bid - she later told me that it was one of the most exciting and fun things she'd ever done). I'll take a picture of the tile later - it's the Limited Edition Jesus tile (I know, that sounds really cliche) and it's not my absolute favorite, but the colors will work well and it is a good memory of a fun night.
I was really glad that I got to take my mom back to MCA for these events, as this would have been her 10th year there (for those of you who don't know, my mom graciously quit her job so that she could watch Luke and I could continue teaching). This Student Life Center has been a dream and vision of many of the founding families of MCA and my mom was part of that from almost the very beginning. I did have to keep reminding people that she was "mine" now and that she couldn't come back - but I can definitley see why they miss her! :)

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