Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And, He's Off!

Luke is working hard every day at walking, and he's taking more and more steps on his own... but his favorite thing to do right now is walk up and down our sidewalk with his the assistance of his hippo :)
As you can tell from the pictures below (along with bunches of other pictures from previous posts), when Luke is excited and/or happy he goes straight into his mouth wide open pose: Daddy was never far away (as you can tell from the arms in the pictures below), helping him keep his balance and preventing a few wipe outs:
The picture on the left below I love... too cute. :)
The picture on the top right is very typical Luke - stopping to point and yell at something. hahaha!
The picture on the bottom right is what daddy did after Luke got tired of walking, it didn't go over very well. And here's a video of the little man taking off down the sidewalk:
I have a feeling that it won't be long before he's walking without the assistance of the hippo... I'll keep ya'll posted :)

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  1. Too cute!! Okay, I need another blogger tutorial! How in the world do you put pics side my side?!?! :)


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