Sunday, April 19, 2009

Who would have thunk...

So this week I discovered another "can't live without" item - Lotrimin AF :)
Luke has been battling this crazy yeast diaper infection on and off for over two weeks now. Regular diaper cream wouldn't touch it, prescription Nystatin didn't make a difference and before I broke down and filled my $39/tube (with insurance!) prescription for oxystatin I decided to try Lotrimin (antifungal cream for athletes foot, jock itch, etc - I used the equate brand at $2/tube). At first I felt wierd, but it magically did the trick and our days of "sitz baths" at every diaper change, a million dirty wash cloths and worst of all Luke crying at every diaper change were over. Along with a mystery fever (we think he had a sore throat) it was a rough week for our little guy. Thankfully he's feeling 100% better and you'll be glad to know that his little hiney is back to normal :)
Hopefully this wasn't too much info for ya'll - I just wanted to share my super find in case anyone else has to deal with the same kind of thing in the future.
Here are some cute pictures of our sicky hanging out during the week - diaper free, of course :)

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  1. That is good to know. I have a funny diaper rash story I will have to share with you later.


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