Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Remember when???

Do you remember when you were in Junior High??? I do! I remember being entirely absorbed in the everyday drama, completely obsessed with what people thought about me and totally engrossed in my friends... well, it hasn't changed :) Friday night was our Junior High Semi-Formal and after lots of planning with my Student Government reps we managed to pull off a successful evening. There was lots of running back and forth to the bathroom, lots of sucking the helium out of balloons and lots of awkward slow dancing. It's always fun for me to see the kids all dressed up, especially since I normally see them in uniforms. The boys looked like 12/13 year old boys in nicer clothes, but the girls put on makeup and wear heels and all of a sudden they look like they're in high school!
Here are some of my 8th grade boys:

We had the event at the Heard Science and Nature Center which has this GORGEOUS space (lots of windows, a great deck, etc.) and the best part is that they have this GIANT projection screen. I "raided" the students' Facebook pages and pulled off about 600 pictures and then had the slideshow play throughout the dance - 'cause when you're in Junior High nothing is more fun than looking at pictures of yourself :)
7th Grade Girls:
8th Grade Girls
(8th grade seems to be the year where a lot of the girls find their own style - I absolutely LOVE these girls and their unique and artsy twist on semi-formal)
This year's theme was Hollywood Red Carpet and nothing says that like Chick-Fil-A trays (hehehe):
8th Grade Girls:
If you were ever wondering why viruses run rampant through schools this is the reason :)
No one knew which cup was theirs, but they really didn't care... they were drinking out of whichever one they "thought" was theirs! Sick!
We gave out about 30 "awards" to each class (Blabbermouth Award, Smarty Pants Award, etc., etc., etc.) and their "prizes" were these cheesy dollar store foam visors - surprisingly enough they loved them!

I still can't believe that the Semi-Formal has already come and gone! For me this always signals the end of the year and it's crazy to think that it's only 5 weeks away! Here comes Summer!!!

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