Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not so smart

This is my third year teaching and I consider myself to be a little bit "out-of-the-box" when it comes to teaching style. I like to take my kids outside and put what we're learning into practice, I try to come up with unique ways of explaining hard-to-grasp concepts (like the "absolute value shower" and how solving an equation is just like trying to talk to a celebrity at a party) and I let the kids bring treats to share on days that they have a test. This idea has been well-received and well loved by all of my students, but today I'm reconsidering my "sweet treat" on test day idea... as my clock has just rolled over to 12:00 and I've already eaten a piece of vanilla cream cake, a donut, a peanut butter hershey kiss cookie and a peanut butter cup brownie (this is not including the peanut butter toast I had on my way to school today). To make matters even worse, I didn't bring a lunch from home and so I'll be buying school lunch... Chick-Fil-A. :)
Please pray that this afternoon I have enough will power (or I'm just too full) to resist the tray of Rice Krispie treats that are sitting on my back counter...

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  1. That sounds like the perfect meal to me...cake, cookies, hersheys kiss, and chick-fil-a...yummmm!


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