Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lilly is 4!!!

We were so excited to get to help Lilly celebrate her 4th birthday on April 1st. She is turning into such a lovely little girl and is Luke's favorite cousin :)
Here are Dave's brothers (Jonathan, Stephen and Matthew) at the party Is she 4 or what?!?!?! :)

This is Stephen's mullet/mohawk... I can remember when I first met Stephen (he was in 2nd grade, I think) and his mom wouldn't let him buzz his hair, now he's a senior and well...

Luke was in rare form at the party as he had had a rough night the night before, had taken virtually no nap in the morning and we moved in in the afternoon, but he still managed to be in a fairly good mood for most of the night
What cracked me up the most was how that morning it had taken Luke about 20 minutes to open two gifts (he had to examine each piece of paper he pulled off, chew on the cards, etc.) and Lilly was able to tear through her pile of gifts in about 7 minutes. hehehe
I guess that this is what we have to look forward to in three years! Happy Birthday, Sweet Lilly!!! We love you!!!
xoxoxo - Uncle David, Aunt Andrea and Luke

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