Friday, March 6, 2009

Not-So-Small Group

Our small group isn't quite so small anymore :) We used to enjoy frequent dinners filled with adult converstaion and talk of someday having kids... we'll they're here... and they're loud and squirmy. At our latest small group dinner (thanks, Rachel!) we attempted to get a picture of all the kiddos and as you can see it was a little bit of a challenge. Nathan was setting a good example and Jaxson was following suit, Kensington cooperated for the most part and our little monkey refused to pose (until Leslie gave him a spoon).
Dave attempting to wrangle Luke for the picture:A little bit better:
And he's off...
Nathan and Luke reading... they're smart boys
Jaxson hanging out
Playing together (this was before Luke steamrolled Kensington and sucked on her paci... while it was still tethered to her shirt)

We're looking forward to many more not-so-small-anymore group get-togethers and hopefully more successful photo opportunities :)

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