Saturday, February 28, 2009

ConKerr Cancer

Attention all Crafty (and non-crafty) Ladies - I have a new project for you. It's super easy, super fun and rewarding all at the same time...
A couple of weeks ago I was at Happiness is Quilting on the square picking up a few things for a "Hooray for Luke" banner I'm working on (another post, another time). While I was there I came across a brochure for an organization called ConKerr Cancer and they provide colorful and fun pillowcases for kids who are in the hospital undergoing longterm care. "ConKerr Cancer has had a profound effect on the families we have already reached, and we are deeply committed to providing even more pillowcases – and smiles! – to sick children everywhere." Anyway, I am by no means a seamstress (by any definition of the word), but I was able to whip up this pillowcase last night and I'm going to drop it off (and pick up more fabric) at Happiness is Quilting. A small, easy way to brighten a child's day (and get all of your pent-up creative energy out!). Instructions are on the website: so be sure to check it out :)

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