Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Case of the Mondays

Yesterday I officially had a case of the Mondays – and a bad one at that. Luke woke up miserable again, fever, coughing and the runniest nose I’ve ever seen. Dave wasn’t working so he took him to the doctor where we found out that he has a double ear infection! (side note - he weighs 22 lbs 14 oz) He’s on some antibiotics, but so far he’s still pretty miserable. All he’s wanted to do is lay on us and watch Baby Einstein (those videos have been an absolute LIFESAVER!).

Meanwhile, I was at school dealing with a Junior High that apparently forgot all of my classroom rules over the weekend. In my previous two years of teaching I think that I’ve given out maybe 4 or 5 detentions… it’s just not something that I really like to do (or that I find very effective). But yesterday was a completely different story… I had 4 classes and I issued 5 detentions (food in class, disruptive behavior, inappropriate language, dress code violation, etc.). After issuing one of the detentions, the boy got really upset and a few minutes later stood up in the middle of class and had an outburst calling his classmates “stupid idiots” and then he burst into tears so I had to take more time out of class to step outside and deal with/console him. Then I picked up a “slam book” (for those of you not a part of the world of 12 – 14 year olds, a slam book is pretty much a notebook that girls pass around where they write ugly notes about eachother… this particular slam book was full of cartoons depicting various members of their class – some of which, I’ll admit, were pretty right on point, but still not nice). When the student came to pick up her notebook after school (which she claimed was full of her History notes) I had the pleasure of telling her that I had given it to the principal. I’m sure that there will be several pages dedicated to Mrs. McAnally in their new slam book. :)

After my lovely day of adolescent drama I headed to CareNow. I have had a low grade fever and a lot of sinus congestion for the last week and a half or so and since my mom said that it’s not “normal” to have a fever for nine days and I had an extra few minutes I decided to go have it checked out. The doctor proceeded to chastise me for letting my sinus infection get so bad (I tried explaining to her that I was feeling better than I had been several days before…) and then wrote me a prescription for the sinus infection and the apparent upper respiratory infection that I didn’t know I had. After a trip to the pharmacy to pick up Luke’s prescription and drop mine off I headed home where after a couple of hours of watching Baby Einstein with Luke I fell asleep at 8:15.

Today’s a new day - I believe that my medicine may be starting to kick in (my teeth aren’t hurting anymore – which I didn’t realize could happen with a sinus infection) and I just said a prayer for my Junior High students, so hopefully the day will be better than yesterday (‘cause could it really get any worse?!?!?!)

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  1. I tell ya, it's no wonder you're sick! I can't believe all that you do at your school!!! You are AMAZING...and maybe a little crazy! :) Hope you're feeling better.


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