Saturday, January 17, 2009

A few more...

The layout below highlights a few events from our week: Luke and I went to the MCA Varsity basketball game(s) last night and he had a blast! He loved seeing all the people and my students got to enjoy passing him around. :) He seemed to really enjoy all of the people and the noise (and the cheerleaders). He got to wear his one-of-a-kind "Go Mustangs" hoodie that my hostesses gave me at my MCA shower and I remember when I opened it that it seemed SO big and I never thought he'd fit into it - when I got it out last night it was almost too small! The second picture is of him eating his new favorite treat - a Baby MumMum rice cracker. Since he's still toothless I was looking for snacks that would be easy for him to "gum" and came across this asian treat at WalMart of all places. I thought I'd try it out and he seems to love them... but not as much as he loves yogurt (which he had today for the first time and you can see in the third picture). Other highlights of the week included breaking in a new frog towel, waking up with a crazy case of bed head and successfully shoving an entire limb of a stuffed giraffe into his mouth. It was an exciting week: Now that Luke is mobile snuggle time is exceptionally hard to come by, and so I definitley try to take advantage of those cuddly moods when they happen: The word "determined" pretty much sums up Luke's personality these days, whether it's trying to crawl through our coffee table or pull the earrings out of Gibi's ears, once his mind is set on something, there's virtually no changing it!

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