Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we headed over to Dave's Granny's house for dinner and a few presents. It was a special night since both Dave's grandmothers were there and got to be a part of Luke's first Christmas Eve. Other highlights included getting to see Stephen's mullet (he and some other friends on his soccer team are growing them... don't ask me why) and watching Luke slide all over Granny's slippery floor. After dinner we headed to church. We had put Luke in his PJs and hoped that he would fall asleep during the serivce, but no such luck :) He was up and raring to go, so he and I ended up spending most of the service in the foyer where he crawled around and made several friends (including a little girl who came and laid on top of him and Nathan). After church we headed home to put Mr. Man to bed and wait for Santa :) This is random, but I thought it was funny.... here's a picture of Luke and I last Christmas Eve and this Christmas Eve. What changes a year can bring!!!

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