Monday, October 13, 2008


Here are some miscellaneous pictures from the past week or so.

Here's our group before heading to the So You Think You Can Dance performance:
This was on a random night... I just think that it's funny to see Luke in hats/hoods. Before he was born I bought/made several cute hats for him, but he HATES to have anything on his head. Plus, since I'm so used to seeing him with all his hair, he looks completely different when something's covering it up. :)
His new trick is trying to eat his toes
Yes, we STILL swaddle Luke and yes, he STILL loves it! When he first started flipping onto his tummy I found it a tad bit unnerving, but now that I've seen him flip from back to front and front to back several times while swaddled I feel better about it:
Zonked out on the couch after his shots:
Me and Luke on the morning he turned 6-months old.
(Note: I'm wearing scrubs b/c this was during homecoming week - it was injured athlete day and since my athletic wear section of my closet is a little lacking I decided to be the Dr. who would fix the athlete's sports injuries)
Dave pointed out that he looks like he's trying to choke me, I think it looks more like he's trying to give me a big hug, you be the judge:

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