Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lots to blog about...

There's a lot to blog about so I'll start from the beginning...

Last Tuesday Luke got sick - I think he picked up the stomach flu in the nursery. When I went to pick him up from my parents house on Tuesday, I walked in to find my dad sequestered in the bedroom and my mom sprawled out on the bathroom floor - they had both caught the stomach flu.
On Wednesday we had the Rock-A-Thon at school, each class had to keep a rocking chair rocking while they rocked on guitar hero...
Thursday night Dave woke up with the stomach flu, but was feeling better in the morning and then Friday Mark got home from Lubbock for the weekend.

Saturday morning Jeremy and Stacey Rowland came over to take some picture of Luke in his Halloween costume. They came over at 8:30 b/c normally Luke wakes up around 7:00 and goes back down for a nap around 10:00. But on this particular morning he woke up around 5:30, so by 8:30 he was pretty exhausted. Here are a couple of pictures of him right before the Rowlands got to our house:

After the pictures were over I got out my own camera and snapped a few pics of us in the backyard...
Luke went down for a nap and then we headed over to Gibi and Grandpa's house to meet up and head to Denton to watch Mark's team (Texas Tech) play UNT. It was fun to get to see Mark play again and I think that Luke had a fun time as well. He looked super cute in his Tech outfit (I'm calling it an outfit despite the fact that I've been told multiple times by my husband that boys don't wear outfits). :) It won't be long before Luke's out there on the field with Mark!

You can note in the picture of Mark, Luke and I below just how heavy Luke has become - he fell asleep at the end of the game and became absolute dead weight - I could barely carry him! :)
In the collage below you'll see several things:
1) Luke was obsessed with my Big Gulp. He didn't want to play with anything else.
2) You get to see Luke's new trick - the mini tantrum - in the middle far left picture
3) The picture in the bottom middle is a perfect display of why Luke desperately needed a haircut - this was the wind blowing his hair into a mohawk
4) the picture on the bottom right shows that although Luke enjoys his paci, he enjoys the clip even more :)
Here's some proof that we were actually at a soccer game :)
Mark is #8
Here's Luke showing off how he can kind of push himself up - I am so not ready for him to be mobile yet :)
Here's Luke sucking on his toes - YUM!
On Sunday we avoided the church nursery (since we didn't want to spread around whatever we had) and instead just hung out at home and went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.
Here's a picture of Luke eating some puffs with Grandpa...Here's Mom, Luke, Mark and Dave outside of RoadhouseAfter dinner we headed back to our house to eat some lemon meringue pie that I had made earlier in the afternoon - I took a picture since I was so proud of how it turned out.
I don't even like lemon meringue, but I made it from scratch since it's Mark's favorite and he doesn't get to come home that often. Awwww... aren't I such a sweet big sister?!?!?! :)
This is a random picture of Luke chewing on his high chair strap, he LOVES his strap!
Now for the rest of the week... Monday I headed off to school feeling a little "off", but not too bad. As the morning progressed I began to feel queasier and queasier and so I called the office and asked for them to find a sub for my afternoon classes. My sub showed up to go over my lesson plans for the afternoon and before I could even start he instructed me to get my stuff and get out :) I gathered up my bags and headed out to my car, but unfortunately I didn't quite make it and I ended up throwing up in the courtyard in front of a big group of students. Throwing up in itself is bad enough, but having to throw up in front of a bunch of gawking Junior High and High School kids was pretty much the epitome of embarrassing - and I've had my share of embarrassing teacher moments, including getting the heel of my shoe caught in my tall "front of the classroom chair" and falling on my face in the middle of a lecture. I eventually managed to get myself together and get home and ended up spending the rest of Monday and all of Tuesday in bed. Thank goodness for Gibi and Dave! They took the best care of Luke for me so all I had to do was get better. I have a sneaking suspicion that this experience is going to be hard to live down as I've already been informed by my students that throwing up in a public place is now officially called "pulling a McAnally" :)
Thankfully it's over and I'm feeling better and we're looking forward to a fun and busy week.

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