Sunday, October 12, 2008

6-month check up

We took Luke to the doctor on Monday for his 6-month checkup (*sniffle*sniffle*sentimental mom sigh*) and confirmed that he is
1. In perfect health
2. A chunk and
3. Learning what strangers are

Luke was in a great mood, despite having to wait for over 45 minutes (this will be the last time we schedule a well-baby visit for a Monday afternoon) and he found the paper on the table quite entertaining. He has become quite "grabby" in recent days and as they were putting him on the scale he successfully grabbed and pulled over the entire stack of paper towels that they put on the scale and I'm not sure if the nurse ever got an accurate temperature as everytime he would put the thermometer up to his forehead Luke would grab for it. When we finally got him on the scale, we found that he currently weighs 18lbs 3 oz (57th percentile) and is 28" long (80th percentile). He played completely strange with Dr. Vernier and wanted absolutely nothing to do with him which was a definite first and we got the go-ahead to start meats and after his 7 vaccinations (5 needles!) were cleared to go until his 1-year check-up!

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