Thursday, July 10, 2008

Triplets in Texas Again!

Wednesday afternoon was most definitely one of the highlights of my summer... my Gilmore Girls Compete Series DVDs came and the triplets came to visit. Yes, I am a dork and was excited about the DVDs, but not nearly as excited as I was about seeing my three favorite five year olds!

As many of you know, the Clingmans are great friends of my family who I have had the privilege of spending A LOT of time with since Anneka, Kayla and Riley arrived in May of 2003. During my regular weekly visits I got to watch them grow and change (as well as be their unofficial family photographer) and I was absolutely devastated when they moved last summer. I wasn't sure how I was going to get my "baby fix", plus, I would have to start buying my own books since Kathleen wouldn't be here to lend me hers. I resolved the "baby fix" issue by having Luke :) and am now an even more frequent visitor to Half Price Books.

I couldn't believe how much Anneka, Kayla and Riley had grown up over the past year, but I also couldn't believe how much the same they were either (I hope that makes sense). Anneka was as inquisitive as ever, Kayla as motherly as ever and Riley as LOUD as ever (that boy has been loud since the day I met him... even his infant grunts and groans were loud!)

I am soooooooooooo glad that I got to see them again and that they got to meet Luke. I miss them bunches and hope to get to seem them again before next summer.

Here are some pictures from their visit along with some of my favorite other pictures of them:

Kayla, Mom, Luke and Anneka Anneka, Riley and Kayla - May 2007
Kayla, Luke, Me and Anneka
Kayla, Luke, Me and Anneka
Anneka and Kayla
Funny hair :)
The Clingmans
Anneka and Kayla were flowergirls and Riley was the ringbearer at our wedding
Luke and Kayla
May 2007
Anneka and Luke
Christmas 2003
Riley and Luke

Birthday Party (third, I think)
Kayla took this picture of Luke

I love how Kayla takes up more than half of the wagon :)

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