Thursday, July 17, 2008


Luke's love affair with his fingers continues and as several of the pictures below will show you, he simply can't get enough of them. Thumbs, fingers, his entire hand!
It's especially nice now that he's taken a liking to touching our faces a lot and his hands are always slimey :)

Taking a rest during a long shopping day

Cutest baby shoes ever! :)

Discussing his day with Gibi

More discussing

Every night we put him in his bathtub correctly, and every night he manages to end up like this

1 comment :

  1. Miss fashion obsessed Lilly says, "Aww, cute shoes!" And, don't be surprised if she asks you why Luke takes a bath in is underwear. Even when I explain to her it is not his underwear, she insists it is!! Go figure.



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