Tuesday, June 17, 2008

11 Weeks!

The past few days have been exciting ones... lots of new things happening every day!
Luke has started sitting in his Bumbo chair, grabbing for toys, mouthing whatever he can, talking to himself in the mirror and playing with his hands (constantly!).
He's still as sweet as ever and we're loving his newest trick... sleeping for about 7 hours straight at night!!!
Here are a few pictures from the last week or so:

Dave and Cadence pondering what to do with our dead tree

Right after bath time
Sitting up on the couch
Watching Gilmore Girls :)

Loving his bumbo chair

Checkin' himself out in the mirror with Gibi

Getting to know Cadence better :)


Lovin' on Chunky Monkey

Sitting in his Bumbo for the first time

Smooches from Cadence

My daytime companions :)

Sweet boys
Good morning!
Super cute sweater and hat that my crafty mom knit up for Luke

This is Cadence's "shank"... it's actually a bone that she has managed to turn into a sharp, pointy object. It's her absolute favorite and she has taken to leaving it in Luke's toy basket. I think she's trying to share. :)

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