Thursday, May 29, 2008

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The past few days have been great... Luke seems to be developing a regular sleep schedule at night (10 pm feeding, 3 am feeding, 7 am feeding) and is also developing more consistent sleep, eat, play patterns. It's amazing what 4 hours of continuous sleep can do for you! :)
He has started making fists (ALL the time) and he looks like he's boxing anytime he's laying on his back. He's smiling and cooing more every day and I swear that Dave get's an unfair amount of smiles :)
Jeremy Rowland came over on Sunday and took some fantastic photos of our family in "everyday life" that I'll post on here as soon as I get the CD. In the meantime, check out the link (password luke0401). His pictures definitley put my daily snapshots to shame!
Looking intrigued sitting with his Gibi
I had to go to MCA yesterday to do my textbook inventory, Luke, as you can see, was highly entertained.

Uncle Matthew and Aunt Stefan picked out this onesie for Luke because they know that Luke thinks fairly highly of himself and tends to smile any time that you ask him, "are you handsome?". As you can see, the shirt tends to conjure up a smile (and a giggle, see below) as well.

You can always tell if my mom (Gibi) has been over, because Luke's hair has that just been "spit slicked" look :)

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  1. I love the pictures of Luke that Jeremy took. I especially love #15. Luke has the greatest look on his face!!!


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