Thursday, April 24, 2008

Minor Meltdown

So last night I had what I'm calling a "minor meltdown".
I'm no stranger to headaches (migraines even), but for some reason (probably hormones) I didn't experience a single headache during my entire pregnancy (thank goodness!). But last night I got the mother of all headaches and that, coupled with some major mama guilt for envying the days when it didn't take me as long to get ready to go to WalMart as the actual shopping did, brought on a minor meltdown yesterday evening. Thankfully, Dave has a wonderful sense of humor and was able to help me out both emotionally and physically by rubbing my temples for about 2 hours. :) I think that Luke could sense my frustration last night and decided to take it easy on me, waking only at his scheduled times and going back to bed easily after being fed. This morning he and I enjoyed some well deserved snuggle time and then ran errands in the afternoon. Tonight my mom came over (since Thursdays are my regular "date night" with my dad and he's out of town) and she and I had a chance to catch up and give Luke a bath. Nothing exciting or dramatic... but a great day nonetheless!

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