Thursday, April 17, 2008

16 days old!!!

I can't believe it, but Luke is already 16 days old!!! We celebrated his 2-week birthday with a trip to the doctor and a nostalgic viewing of his birth video (I'm going to blame it on hormones, but I am still a complete SAP!). The doctors visit was fairly uneventful... he was on his best behavior and didn't make a single peep as Dr. Vernier pretty much manhandled him for about 10 minutes. :) He weighs 7 lb 5 oz and other than some thrush and blocked tear duct was in perfect health. Our week so far has been fairly uneventful, but here are some pics from several highlighted events including a full bath (now that his umbilical cord fell off he can be "immersed" and he LOVES it!), some time in his "peanut shell", a nap in the boppy pillow, his first visit from his cousin Lilly (who hasn't been able to visit becuase she has had RSV) and a bad case of bed head...

Lovin his bath (note the crossed ankles... his signature pose)

Hangin' out in the peanut shell

Cadence has obviously had a long week :)
Lilly and Luke :)

Looking just a little bit goofy in his swing
bed head while in a milk coma

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