Friday, March 21, 2008

3D Ultrasound

As the arrival of "Little" approaches even faster I thought I would post some of our 3D ultrasound pictures that we had done around 31 weeks. (8 weeks ago!)
Whenever I look at them I wonder who he/she is going to look like and where those lips came from! :)
The ultrasound technician couldn't get over how "snuggly" the baby was as it was all curled up and comfy and no matter how much we poked or prodded we couldn't get him/her to "unfurl" and show us a full face view. :) An extra cuddly baby is perfectly okay with me!
Here's an update as to "Little's" progress over the past few weeks...
At our 37 week appointment we were told that there was some concern about the size of the baby since my abdomen was measuring small (crazy!) and so we went for an additional ultrasound and it turns out that the baby has been lying completely on my left side instead of in the center of my belly which explains why I was measuring small and after taking several measurments they estimated that the baby weight about 6.5 lbs!
We went back this week for our 38 week appointment and everything was as usual ("better than textbook"). We'll go back this coming Wednesday for our 39 week appointment which, unless the baby decides to make his/her debut before then, will be our last appointment as I am scheduled to be induced either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd of April! :)
Dave and I are still having a hard time with the thought that in less than 2 weeks there will be a baby at our house... but I think we'll cope just fine. :)

Arm holding onto the back of the head... "Little" has been situated like this in both this ultrasound and our 20 week ultrasound.

An arm holding onto a foot

Face... check out those lips! :)

Right ear and lots of hair

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