Monday, January 21, 2008

First blog ever!

Well, being that this is the first blog I've ever written I think an introduction is in order, so here is the brief synopsis of "us"...
Dave and I met in High School, we immediatley hit it off and became inseperable best friends. We dated throughout high school and college and got married on December 3, 2005.
Dave works as the Service Director at Stonebridge Country Club and I teach Junior High Math/Algebra as well as serve as the Student Government Sponsor at a private Christian school.
We have a two-year old yellow lab named Cadence who is a joy - I have never had a dog with so much personality!
The newest addition to our family is our "Little"... with great anticipation we're awaiting the arrival of our first child on April 2nd, 2008. Since we decided not to find out the gender of the baby we've lovingly dubbed him/her "Little" (don't worry... after the birth "Little" will be changed to either Luke or Landyn).
I have a feeling that "Little" will be the focus of this blog, as he/she has already become the main focus of our lives... funny how that happens even before they're born. :)
Anyway, our lives are fairly ordinary... filled with working, church activities, and our favorite "chill time", but I hope that you find our blog entertaining (or just informative) nonetheless.

Christmas Card 2007

"Little" at 8 weeks

"Little" at 20 weeks

Me at 25 weeks

Me at about 19 weeks

Me at about 15 weeks

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