Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Weekend on a Wednesday

We had such a fun weekend that I couldn't NOT share - so today I'm sharing our Weekend on a Wednesday :) 

Griffin has been ALL ABOUT sunglasses recently and Friday she was rocking her brothers aviators.

Friday was "Space Day" in third grade and they had a whole morning of space-related activities and it was so sweet because they hosted first grade. Both my boys had the BEST time!  The only little part I got to see was the orbiting outside of my classroom.  It was the cutest!

Friday after school my mom picked Luke up and they (and Scooter!) headed straight to the lake.

He had an absolute BLAST with my parents and before dinner on Friday I was already getting pictures of fish that he was catching :)

Saturday morning we headed to the square to meet Narci and grab some pictures of the kids and we met the SWEETEST puppy ever!  Look how cute!!!

I mean!  SO SWEET!

The kids REEEEEEALLY wanted to stop and get candy at Mom and Pop, but they weren't open yet and Mason had to get to football so we had to settle for some window shopping...

... and then this girl and I ran some errands...

... and Mason's team WON their football game!

After the game Mason wanted to celebrate with Whataburger and I mean - how can you deny that sweet face?!?!

Love.  Him.

Meanwhile at the lake Luke had been on an early-morning walk with my mom and checked out the fog...

... found a turtle shell (and yes... he brought it home!)...

... checked out said turtle shell...

... and prepared for a day of fishing.

And then I saw this...

... do you see the problem in the picture above???  Here... let me help...

OH MY WORD.  That's a copperhead right at the bottom of the porch stairs. I can't even.  Luke and my dad were coming up from the dock and Luke ran ahead and up the stairs.  My dad was coming up behind him and spotted it.  Thank GOD that Luke ran up the left side instead of the right because he could have stepped directly on it.  UGH!

After rest time Mason, Griffin and I headed back downtown to go back to the candy store from earlier that morning.  A promise is a promise, right?

She loves the square as much as her mama!

It's kind of a dream, right???

We walked a bit, enjoyed some of our candy and stopped in a couple of stores.

Saturday night they crashed early...

... while Luke was watching the sunset on the dock...

... and building and enjoying a fire ;)

 Sunday morning I woke up with a CRAZY migraine and the morning was pretty much a wash - but later that afternoon I was trying to get some grading done and this was happening ;)

So I quit grading and instead we had a dance party...

Sunday evening Luke got home, I made meatballs per his request and I snuggled him ridiculously hard since I hadn't seen him since Friday.  We had to run something up to Dave at the country club (he had a wedding) and all three were zonked out by the time I pulled back in the driveway (I may have done a few extra laps when I saw eyes getting heavy).  

I hope y'all are having a wonderful week and that some Fall weather has made it's way to you!  We're having some incredible weather here and we're soaking up every single little bit of it!

Happy Wednesday, friends!!!


  1. I love all the door activities and fishing! It's the best! Those pictures of them holding hands are the sweetest too!

  2. I recently moved to northern Virginia and oh my the copperheads! My husband keeps reminding me they can't kill me just the bite will hurt really bad. Cause that makes me feel better-lol. Ick to snakes!

  3. We were at the square on Saturday too! I'm surprised we didn't bump into you!

  4. What a PERFECT weekend!!!! Everything but the snake ;) .

  5. That picture of Luke on the lake is gorgeous!! And, that puppy was so sweet!! Had so much fun with y'all on Saturday morning!! Xo

  6. Ugh, snakes. Thank God for his protection! I used to live in Okla. and had to worry about snakes. It must be too cold for them in Iowa.
    Love reading about your ordinary family days - they are always the best, aren't they?

  7. My daughter just ran up to me while I'm reading your post and said "that's a silly boy" to the photo of Mason with gravy all over his face. LOL. Where we live in Austin we have to be careful about rattlesnakes, copperheads, and coral snakes. Yuck! I'm so glad Luke didn't step on that one.

  8. That snake though! Looks like a fun relaxing weekend! It's still in the mid 80's here in eastern NC- ready for fall weather!

  9. What a great weekend! (well, minus the snake!) I know Luke had a blast at the lake! My kids are blessed to spend time at the farm with my parents and I don't take it for granted!

  10. Love that Luke had special time with the grandparents but that snake! Oh heck no!!! Your kiddos are precious and I love seeing them together! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  11. What a great weekend for Luke. So glad he nor your dad stepped on the snake. I have a Goldendoodle that looks very much like the one you met. They are such sweet dogs (but a little crazy). She loves people and attention. What brand of clogs does Griffin have on? I would like a big girl version.

  12. How do you have 3 kids that fall asleep in the car? My 1 kid hasn't fallen asleep in the car since he was about 3. Not even on the way to Florida and back!

  13. Your mantle is super cute! I love how simple it is- just love it!

  14. I just love your blog. Do you mind telling me where Griffin's adorable dresses in this post are from?

    1. Well, I'm not Andrea ;), but the dresses are Alice and Ames! You can find them on IG @aliceandames and online 👍🏻.

  15. Love those sweet pictures of your babies holding hands! And what a special time for Luke!

  16. Such a sweet weekend but big yikes about the snake - :(. Glad no one was hurt. My parents live in AZ and I am always afraid my kids will come upon a rattlesnake in my parents backyard! xoxo ERIN

  17. My dad always says that he thinks kids have extra Guardian Angels watching over them with all the near misses he has witnessed.

  18. This really does look like the best weekend!!


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