Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fall Family Photos

I realized this past weekend that I never shared all of our photos from our Fall session with Kelly!

We headed back to "the road" where we did our Spring 2012 pictures and Fall 2013.

All of the kids had been through the RINGER the week prior to pics thanks to the stomach bug (and this was after rescheduling due to GG getting HFM earlier in the month) and I was just so thankful that they were all feeling well!  Unfortunately, even when Mason is feeling good his mood and cooperation level can vary dramatically ;)

I wish that the boys would take photo pointers from Griffin :) hahaha #modelstatus

This one is my FAVORITE of him!

And can we talk about how much he's grown this year???

This picture ended up being one of my absolute favorites - simply because it completely captured the craziness that goes down during pics :)

The humidity was CRAZY that morning, which means that my hair frizzed like nobody's business and Griffins hair got adorably curly ;) 
(In ncase you're curious, Griffin's headband and my flower pin were made by LuLuJune on Etsy.  I told her the colors I wanted and she did a FANTASTIC job! I knew I wanted something fun and coordinated, but not super over the top)

And since we're talking about growing up...

LOVE these boys!!!  

And then there's this kid.  He always CRACKS me UP during photos.  So handsome and silly ;)

Same shirt, same road, same dimple - different year ;)

I call this one, "Plotting His Next Move" ;)

This one may be my favorite from the whole session :)  I was tempted to use it for my Christmas cards - but thought people might want to see Mason's face. hahaha

D.O.N.E and sweetness trying to help :)

This guy :)

It was another memorable morning with our crazy crew and I'm so glad to have these pictures for years to come.  It's crazy to me how much the kids grow and change in such a short amount of time and I love having fantastic pictures of them at every stage.

Happy Wednesday, Friends!


  1. Great pictures Andrea. How do you decide which ones to print? All are so good! It seems GG has gone from baby to little girl overnight. Have a great day!

  2. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing all the pics with us

  3. All of them are sooooo good! Griffin was GIVING IT to the camera. I love that last one of you and Dave. So sweet!

  4. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that road, those trees...absolutely everything about that spot!!! I just may have to go find a road like that around here ;) You have such a beautiful family!!! Your pics are always SO, SO good & turn out gorgeous. I really like the ones where Mason is being Mason as a mama myself I totally understand having an "uncooperative" child. GREAT pictures!!!!!!!

  5. Beautiful! Could you share with us what you do with them all? I know you do some canvases, but what about the rest? My photos are still on the disk I get, or I print them ( and still have yet to hang them). You just have so many great ones.... Thanks. Have a great week!!

  6. I love this road!! I live in your area.....could you pretty please share where this treasure is???

    1. Same here! I must know where this road is...

  7. Beautiful pictures of your family! The colors you picked out for outfits are perfect...they just pop!
    Have a blessed day! :)

  8. Gorgeous photos but seriously I NEED to to know your secret for your long thick hair!! I die over it in every picture!!

  9. LOVE them all, what fabulous pictures and the colors are perfection!!!

  10. Great pics! I love the one where Mason is playing Peek A Boo! I would live to know where this road is. We are doing spring family photos. Would that location be good for spring pics?

  11. These are gorgeous! Then again, I can't think of seeing pictures of your family that you've shared that haven't been! And seriously - your little girl is beautiful.

  12. Absolutely fabulous pictures! Love the simplicity of a tree lined dirt road and love that she captured their personalities. Colors worked beautifully!

  13. Beautiful pics... and my goodness, the changes in just a year! Sighh :/

  14. I must say, I LOVE your blog!! As a fellow middle school teacher and mom, recently returned to my 'roots' in north Texas - you keep it real, girl!! I LOVE seeing your kids being kids, your teacher-moments, the quandry of bringing work home... LOVE it!! Keep it up, Andrea!

  15. I love them all! It is funny how well I feel like I know your family just from reading your blog every day :) Boy are Mason and my Xavier two peas in a pod! Next time we visit Texas I think they need to meet! :)
    Great minds = Our Fall/Winter family photos are going live tomorrow on my blog :)

  16. I love family pictures! I just posted mine yesterday! Love the colors you chose, perfect for where you were! You're kids are adorable as always!

  17. Love these pictures! I have a question... are you going to post the Christmas cards you made for other families? That's one of my favorite posts you do!

  18. Seriously... ya'll need to be in a magazine... scratch that... on the cover!! And girl, you know how to coordinate!! Loved all of these!!!

  19. 4:30 am nursing a baby and I was behind on reading your blog, so fun to catch up! These pics are absolutely adorable of your precious family! I too have three and have one that just is not cooperating with the whole let's take some pics and look at me and smile at the camera. I'm so focusing on 2015 as letting that go, and just going with it.

  20. So random Andrea, but I LOVE these colour combinations. We decided we're going to go with Navy and Marsala for our wedding colour combo, so these pics make me smile extra big !! :D Can't wait to see your family pics from this season. xox


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