Thursday, August 21, 2014

Friday Favorites - Hurry Up Fall Edition!

Hey, friends! It's FRIDAY!!! WOO HOO!!!
This week has ended REALLY great and I am loving my classes this year - but I am ready to sleep in past 5:15 a.m. for a couple of days as well.  The pic below will be on my SmartBoard as kids come in to my room today :)  I have a feeling they're ready to sleep in as well.

and then I saw this....

.... hahahahaha!!!!  SO SO SO TRUE! :) 

Either way - I am looking forward to a couple of days of downtime with my crew.

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I am BEYOND ready for cooler weather.  I realize that this is annoying since I live in Texas and it will be 90+ for AT LEAST another month. But a girl can dream :)  I love the decorating, the early nights, the coziness.... and the clothes.  I LURVE Fall clothes.  Since we don't really need big winter coats, I LOVE the Boden Shaggy hoodies for my boys. They're definitely not cheap, but they last AT LEAST two entire years, wash beautifully and are crazy warm.

I am loving this one for Mason...

Luke will probably need something a little heavier (and maybe not quite as "bold" hahaha) for school - and I'm loving that this quilted jacket is reversible (because if he gets it messy on a non-laundry day I can reverse it and he can wear it the next day). hahaha
It should come as no surprise that G has a surplus of coats ready for Fall.... but IF she needed another one this one would be on the top of my list.

And since I'm on a Fall kick.... if you don't already have a blardigan, you should probably pick one up now so you can enjoy it ALL Fall/Winter :)

I wear mine every. single. day.  Once Fall hits you MAY even see me wearing it out of the house.  It's that good. :)

Wednesday morning we saw our FAVORITE fellow Starbucks customer, Mr. Ron!!!
We'd missed him LOTS this summer - and he missed Luke as well! 
If you don't know who Mr. Ron is - check out this post :)

Despite how ready I am for Fall - it's still technically Summer - and some of my best girlfriends and I headed to Mi Cocina Wednesday night to celebrate some summer birthdays.  My FAVORITE tacos with my FAVORITE girls :)

When I did my beauty bag review a while ago, I talked briefly about the Clinique Moisture Surge sample that was included - but OH EM GEE.  I've been using it faithfully and honestly, I look forward to putting it on every night.  It's INCREDIBLE! And by far my current FAVORITE beauty product.

This donut pullover sweater from Target has me on the fence.  On the one hand I think it would look SUPER cute with a plaid collared shirt under it and skinny jeans - but then I keep going back to the fact it has a donut on it. hahaha.  I have it in my cart and will hopefully pull the trigger this weekend.  It's $22.99 which I think is also influencing my decision.... I need help from my FAVORITE readers! :)

Also.... since LOTS of your sweet kiddos are heading back to school this coming week, I thought I'd leave you with some of my FAVORITE back to school posts!

Read about our Back-to-school Dinner HERE, check out my recipe for the BEST back to school cupcakes, read about Shay and my Kindergarten Kickoff Dinner  and see how I decorate for back-to-school.

Hope y'all have the best weekend!!! :)



  1. I've been eying that same blue polka dot coat for Hallie :) I love when they include the moisture surge in the free gift bag!!

  2. We start school on Monday...this mama isn't ready for summer to be over and to hand my kiddos over to their teachers all day...but I know they'll do great, I'll have some much needed time to clean and organize and I'm ready for schedules and routine again!!!! And the donut sweater,,,I love it! How super fun and cute! Just do it girl! Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!!!!!

  3. What a great photo of you and all the girls on Wednesday!!
    I might need that donut shirt-- it's Nolan's party theme in a couple weeks :)

  4. Mi Cocina, yum! My husby is from Dallas and I swear when we go back to visit we talk endlessly about how we are so excited for the food. And I'd totally rock that donut sweater. Donut runs, drive-throughs at Dunkin's, National Donut Day, there are a million occasions for it! :)

  5. I hope you have a Happy Friday friend!! Next week at school has got to be better than the first two weeks, right???? XOXO

  6. That donut sweater is adorable and the blardigan is definitely a must have! I'd love it if you checked out the post I linked up on styling the blardigan for every season!


  7. Andrea - I may need that moisture surge moisturizer when winter comes around here. Colorado is BRUTAL on skin! Congratulations for making it to Friday. I think we all should celebrate!

  8. You could totally rock that donut shirt!! Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  9. Omgosh. That donut top is adorable. I want! and YAY for girl night!!!

  10. Yay! It is Friday! Enjoy your weekend with your sweet family! I can't get over the donut sweater! So cute! :)

  11. I always love this Link-Up! I am definitely ready for fall as well!

  12. We need more Mr. Rons in the world! How special is he. That warms my heart. I hope your school year is fabulous.

  13. Love the Mr. Ron story! Those jackets are adorable. Too bad we don't have jacket weather here in Florida until about late January, maybe I can grab them on sale? You seem like the coolest teacher! I hope you get to relax and enjoy your weekend!!

  14. Thank you for the Mr. Ron story, that warms this Grandmommy's heart so much! What a neat man! My husband would be exactly the same. Oh and BUY THE SWEATER!!!!!!! I know you can carry it off and would be adorable.

  15. Love those coats! If you aren't sure you will definitely wear the donut shirt then I would just save my money. If it goes on clearance and they have your size then it was meant to be. Just my two cents.

  16. Those Boden hoodies are THE BEST! The donut sweater is soooooooo you. And I can see you wearing it exactly as you described!!!!

  17. Most Important, Mr Ron looks likes he rocks, just like you do! Second the donut sweater....I think a) you can rock it at school, and b) you must be skinny to wear it, like you! You girls are SO lucky to have each other as friends!

  18. Thank you so much for linking Mr. Ron's story! When I saw that pic on your insta I thought to myself...I don't know that man but I wish I had a Mr. Ron in my life!! Just looks like the sweetest ever!! Also, totally get that Target sweater...you'll ROCK it!! I just got a bought a bow sweater from Target and am upset I didn't see this one! Have a great weekend!!

  19. I share your affinity for fall girl! And totally pull the trigger on the donut sweater!

  20. Oh my goodness, I love that donut shirt!

  21. Ok.. After a year I finally caved and bought the blardigan!! Yay!! Cannot wait for it to get here! Let the lounging and Bravo marathons begin! Oh wait #imanewmom #inmybarefootdreams ;) You and your friends are adorable! Love all of your blogs! They are my guilty pleasure and are totally gonna help me get through mommy hood.. At least stylish anyway. Haha! Glad this week was better for you!

  22. The doughnut sweater is a HECK yes! I am the same way! I absolutely LOVE it but my husband thinks I'm CRaZY!