Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Happy Campers

Well... I have three kids off to a week at camp and I'm back to work getting ready for the new year!  Happy campers all around!

Camp prep gets easier every year - the kids pretty much get themselves packed and ready with G wanting a little more help and I was cracking up this year at the difference in their trunks.  Griffin is all the pink/purple and a few stuffed animals...

.... and Lukes filled with old towels and a bomber jacket ;)  ALL the trunks with snacks!

If you're interested in the details of how we pack - check out  THIS POST for all the details!

Something new this year is the Camp Snap camera... the kids can bring disposable cameras and I found a digital that's essentially the same thing as a disposable!  No screen but instead of sending it off to get prints there's a memory card inside so you can connect it to your computer when they get home and they can take an unlimited number of pics!  The boys had zero interest in taking one but Griffin was VERY excited about it and was already making plans for her Google slides presentation ;). I'll keep you posted on what we think!

Jelly Bean was VERY interested in the packing process as well...

... it always gets worse before it gets better!  We store their trunks in the attic during the year and keep their camp sheets, blankets, fans, laundry bags and extra "spirit items" in there for safe keeping.

Despite not being as involved in the packing I still get to be "extra" with the mail situation ;). You can send letters every day and care packages on Tuesday and Thursday.  My boys told me they were fine with "just the packages" but G LOVES the letters so I was happy to oblige.

I keep things REALLY short and sweet but fun colors and stickers - just a quick little note and nothing major.

Care packages this year I did in gift bags I picked up at Dollar Tree...

You can tell their different personalities from the bags alone ;) hahaha

I fill them with their favorite snacks and treats and then sometimes something fun to share with the kids in their cabin like scrunchies, friendship bracelets, a card game, etc.

I have little joke cards that I write a note on and that's about it!

The boys are ALL ABOUT the snacks!

After a day or so of packing and prep we were ready to load up and head to camp!

Window decor at G's request ;)

Luke was the first drop-off (no photo proof).... and then it was time for Mason and G.

This is their last summer to all be on the same campus... next summer we'll bring Luke hear with Mason and G and then he'll head off to Colorado for 11 days!  SO EXCITING!

HAPPY Tuesday, friends!

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  1. I love that you get to send them letters and packages! So fun! I hope they are having the best time ❤️