Thursday, July 27, 2023

Day in the Life

 Last Wednesday I documented a day in our life as summer wraps up and we'll be in the throes of school life soon!  Typically the boys would have cross country practice from 7:30 - 8:30 but they have Wednesday mornings off so we all slept in a bit and I was up pretty much JUST in time to throw on a romper and get Mason out the door to basketball camp. 

This girl had made her way into our bed sometime in the early morning hours and we left her (and Luke) enjoying some extra time.

8:40 - packed up and ready to go!

9:00 a.m. - basketball camp dropoff.  It wasn't at a place close enough to justify me going home so I settled in with a book...

... and read for a bit...

... before heading in to watch the end.

Dave left for work around 9 (a little bit after Mason and I left) and I was cracking up at our family text from that morning.  Also... anyone else's family text thread name constantly changing. hahaha

Mason and I got home around 10:30 and I got a pork roast in the crockpot...

... and then when I was cleaning out the fridge I found some zucchini and decided to make some zucchini bread.  I ended up making three loaves to use up all the zucchini. hahaha

While I was baking the kids were hanging out upstairs... legos, G has been bracelet making, etc. and they came down for lunch which, honestly, I don't mess with much during the summer.  They heat up leftovers, make sandwiches, pizza toast, air fryer stuff, etc.  As long as they have some fruit I don't really care ;)  #lifeskills  They polished off their meals with some leftover cake because #duh

After lunch we did a few chores (vacuuming, always!), got a few packages in (OMG THIS CHEER BOW!!!)...

... and I wiped down the fridge.  We got a new fridge a few weeks ago and I LOVE IT but I feel like it shows fingerprints way more than our previous one did.  I've been loving this cleaner!

Some of us just hung out and slobbered ;) 

I boiled some pasta to use with leftover Swedish meatballs...

... and G got some new shoes in to try on.  I randomly found  these while browsing the Nordstrom sale (they weren't part of the sale but were heavily discounted) and they're a little big but SO CUTE so we'll stick them away in her closet for later.

Pasta done, leftover Swedish meatballs portioned out for lunches.

I placed an Instacart order...

... got the zucchini bread out...

... and heated up one of those swedish meatball leftover plates for lunch on the couch while I read a bit.

I read for a while and then had to test out the zucchini bread but I SWEAR that the boys somehow heard me buttering it, paused the x-box came down and swiped both of these pieces ;) 

Instacart arrived...

... and the kids helped me put things away and then I settled in for a little reading time.  Which I had a sneaking suspicion would turn into nap time so I set an alarm.

I did end up closing my eyes for a bit, but got up at 3:00 and worked at the kitchen table for a bit doing some Bible study...

... and calendar stuff.

The kids swam and I ended up talking to Sharon for close to an hour.  WHOOPS! hahahaha

The kids weren't out for super long and they came in to hang out while I got a bit of work done.  I was doing a collab with Walmart and was working through some of the requirements and details and all of that fun stuff.

While G painted her nails...

... Mason doodled... and Luke was doing something Lego-related upstairs ;)

Around 5:45 I prepped some of the pork roast... leaving some of it plain and mixing some of it with BBQ sauce and made a little slider tray for dinner.  EASY PEASY!

Dave had a dinner out with work and so it was just me and the kids.  

Simple and YUM!

After we ate the kids emptied the dishwasher and walked Rosie while I dealt with the rest of the pork.  I made some BBQ and left some plain and then just shredded and let it cool before putting it in the fridge.

I got the washer going...

... and after a couple rounds of Monopoly Deal I settled in on the couch for "cozy time".  Essentially this is where the kitchen is clean, I light a candle or two, put on some quiet music and sit on the couch. hahaha  If Dave had been home we probably all would have played a game or watched a movie or something but since I was solo I let the kids have some extra screen time (x-box for the boys and a movie while drawing for G) while I got cozy... 

... did a bit of work and then it was time for Mason and I to head out to his basketball lesson.  

Yes... that's a halloween garland.  hahaha  I found some CUTE stuff last week and was testing out something new and forgot to take it down!

His lesson was 8:15 - 9:15 and I read and did some "brain dumping"...

... and then caught the last couple of minutes.

Mason and I got home around 9:40 and I pretty much immediately got in the shower... all "glazed donut face"...

... and got in my bed to wrap up a few things on my computer and was greeted by Mason telling me all the things he was going to need to buy to start his trashcan powerwashing business ;)

... adn then Luke showing me the two GIANT pieces of zucchini bread he was about to devour because #vegetables ;)

It was almost 11:00 before my bed was kid-less ;) and I settled in to finish a last few minute things and eat some skinny pop.  Dave adn the boys have been watching "guy movies" all summer (Hunger Games, The Patriot, Billy Madison, etc. - we use ClearPlay!) and they were upstairs finishing something and when Dave came down I was dead asleep with my book.  I've been making a point to NOT have screens before bed, and if I do, making sure it's not the last thing I do before dozing off.

And that was our day!  Kind of busy, but also kind of chill ;)  SOAKING IN ALL THE LAZY DAYS!!!


  1. It looks like a lovely summer day. Please tell us more about ClearPlay! I'd love to hear a review of what you think and how it works.

  2. Do you have the recipe for the pulled pork? It looks so good and like it would make several meals!

  3. I am laughing out loud about Mason's entrepreneurial plans. I have a grandson who greets my dil every morning with a new scheme:). So funny!!!

  4. How do you do it all when you are working full-time??? I'm so glad you really use this time to be with your family and be "just" a mom. Soak in these days. . .it sounds like TX goes back to school EARLY. Wow. Being on the other side of the classroom now I see how quickly it goes. Your kids are thriving!!