Monday, June 5, 2023

HOORAY! School is out dinner


Back in the Spring I found these smiley plates at Hobby Lobby and snagged a few without having a plan for using them but knowing they were too cute to pass up ;)  As the end of school approached I thought it would be SO FUN to do a celebratory dinner to kickoff the start of summer and figured that these plates would be perfect.

The last day of school came and went and I had every intention of pulling together our fun dinner and then Luke went to the lake with a friend and then G went to a friends for a sleepover and then we had extra kids at our house for a week straight and then my boys went to camp... you get the idea ;)  So when we were all going to be home for dinner on Saturday night I decided "better late than never" and got things pulled together for a fun little summer kickoff.

I had  this cute acrylic topper set in my little party stash...

... as well as some fun wrapping paper that worked perfectly.  I pulled some coordinating scrapbook paper for placemats, a few beach balls I had planned on using in my classroom, some Bogg bags and towels and then headed to Dollar Tree where I gave myself a budget of $10 ;)

I snagged some straws, little palm tree stir sticks and a few other decorative items in the colors of the topper and wrapping paper.

The only thing that didn't cooperate? The sun. A thunderstorm blew in making my pics super dark but, it is what it is!  I just kind of laid things out at one end of the table and saved a spot for the special treat... an ice cream cake ;)

The meal in itself wasn't anything super special (just our regular taco situation), so I figured a fun dessert was perfect.

The school's out bag is G's and was the perfect addition filled with a few towels.

Funny thing - I didn't realize that these flamingo straws were supposed to look like this until one of my kids pointed it out about midway through dinner - so if you head to Dollar Tree and buy these make sure you fluff them out!

If you aren't out for summer yet I hope you found a little inspiration today and if you're already out I hope you take this as your "better late than never" cue ;)  HAPPY Monday, friends!!!


  1. Adorable! Your kids are going to have the BEST memories of growing up in your loving home!

  2. You always throw the cutest parties! I"m local and just wondering where you found the cake?


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