Thursday, March 9, 2023

Spring Gift Guide: Boys

 Happy Thursday, friends!!! Today I'm sharing a few gift ideas for Spring birthdays, Easter baskets, etc.  My boys are a bit older now (and harder to shop for) so I'm hoping y'all find these ideas helpful and then next week I'll share ideas for younger kids as well as girls!

First up is my go-to Spring gift...  this set of playground balls.  My kids LOVE THESE!!!  They're perfect for kickball, dodgeball, all the trampoline games and everything in between.  They last forever and are fun for a wide variety of ages.

Luke read all of  these and he LOVED THEM!!! They're next up on Mason's reading list and would be great for boys or girls!

All of my kids have these Stanley water bottles and they would be a perfect addition to an Easter basket as we head into warmer weather.

Carcassone is a new family favorite.  If you hate Catan but your kids love it this is the game for you! It's super fun and easy and similar while not being Catan enough to make it awful - hahahaha

My boys both got  these leather toiletry bags in their Christmas stockings last year and have used them a ton!  I was really impressed with the quality and this would be a great pick if you have summer travel plans!

My boys LOVE fishing in the Spring/Summer and Luke got  this tackle backpack for his birthday two years ago and has really enjoyed it.  He can pack it and then wear it to carry it easily, even when riding a bike.


Mason got  bucketball for Christmas last year and it's one of our favorite things.  I wish that I had bought the inflatable brackets for it but even without them it's so much fun.

I'm not sure I can think of anyone who doesn't love  a walkie talkie ;)  If you have two kids it would be so fun to put these in each of their Easter baskets.

Mason has  this hat and wears it CONSTANTLY!  He's actually worn it so much that it may be time to order him a replacement.

We have a couple of  these hammocks and they fit in a TEENY bag and you can hang them almost anywhere there are trees (or columns, etc).  If you decide to get one make sure you get  the straps as well!

This book is a mix of all kinds of logic challenges and puzzles and both my boys have enjoyed it.

My boys also both have  these Adidas string bags - they're perfect for pool trips, running to a friends house and wanting to bring a bathing suit and sunscreen, a quick sleepover bag, etc.  

Y'all know I LOVE Natives -  but they've both moved onto Birks which I love as well.  These EVA pairs are a great price point, float in the water and have held up really well.

Popdarts would be the perfect Spring gift.  It's lightweight, portable, can be played anywhere and is so easy.  My boys LOVE IT and it would be a great gift!

And last are  my boys FAVORITE shorts!  They wash and wear super well and are a great fit (with pockets!)

Luke also got a couple of pairs of  these shorts in his Christmas stocking this year and they're his FAVORITE! They don't have a liner (both my boys hate liners) and they're super lightweight and a great length (5")...

HAPPY Thursday, friends!!!

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