Monday, December 12, 2022

Three Things

Last week the boys had their end-of-the-season cross country party and Luke was awarded the Mustang Award for the season!  The way his coach described how he selected the recipient was pretty much someone who represented the team in the best way on and off the field and we're so proud of Luke for trying cross country and putting forth such a great effort.

Luke's Christmas list this year has proven to be just as difficult as last year - cash only, please! hahaha. I feel like I've run out of fun way to gift cash so if you have ideas let me know!

Luke hasn't played soccer since he was in kinder (or maybe first grade) but he decided to join the school team this season and has been loving it.  He has A LOT to learn but he's played the entire game every game and is improving - can't ask for much more than that!

My boys have been super easy to dress over the years - neither one has been super particular about what they wear but here recently Mason has become quite the little shoe lover.  He has quite the stash of cash and has even bought himself a pair here recently. It's been fun to see his personal style come out a bit!

Our school starts semester exams in 6th grade which means Mason is about to take his first set of exams this week and he is NERVOUS!  He's done great all semester and I have no doubt he'll do great on these as well but it's been so cute to see him studying and getting all organized this weekend.

Mason has met his archenemy this year - and it's typing ;) He doesn't like anything about typing and it has been a struggle! hahaha. That said, he's been working hard and I think he's turned a corner but, MAN, if you have a kid who is not enjoying typing I'm right there with you.

Griffin's one big ask for Christmas this year is a microphone on a stand.  Her brothers big ask is that she doesn't get a microphone ;) hahaha. She LOVES to sing and for whatever reason she feels like the mic on a stand is going to bring it to the next level ;)

Griffin auditioned for a Christmas show at her dance studio back in August and the show is this coming weekend!  It's exciting for many reasons but she's extra pumped that she gets to do her changes backstage all by herself and I'm excited to sit in the audience ;). She's in 3 numbers and it's going to be so fun!

G got phase one of braces last week and she looks DARLING!  She handled it like a champ and has adjusted so well.  I'm super sad to see her gap go but can't wait to see her beautiful smile at the end of this phase!

Starting on Friday I'll be off of work for THREE WHOLE WEEKS!  This semester has been great but also a lot at times and mama is READY for a break!  We have lots of fun things coming up this Spring and I know the Semester will hit the ground running and then FLY so the plan is to rest up over the next few weeks and I'm pumped ;)

Well, Chips and Queso (our box turtles) are hibernating.  I moved them to our house full-time after the crazy icepocalypse back in 2021 and they have been THRIVING in an outdoor habitat.  So much more active and mobile.  They are made to hibernate in the winter and last winter I found them wanting to hibernate but not having enough substrate to do so so this summer we bought a vintage cattle trough, filled it with dirt for them and they have been living their best lives out there.  They officially went "under" back in November and now we just cross our fingers and hope they come back up in the Spring!  We did lots of research and this seems to be what's best/most natural for them but I'm nervous!!

Next week is Christmas baking week and I can't wait!  I only make shortbread cookies once a year and I am seriously so excited to get started!

HAPPY Monday, friends!


  1. I have 10 more school days! Enjoy our 3 weeks off. Can't wait to se what your spring activities are this year.

  2. Um, excuse me, who is the man in the first photograph? THE MAN, Andrea. THE MAN.

  3. Awe, Mason as a shoe lover gave me a big smile! My daughter got her first job at DSW Shoes in May of last year and on her first day her manager said they are to call the customers "shoe lovers"...she was a little mortified but now she laughs about it! She is a shoe lover and loves her discount, ha ha!! Go Mason! :)

  4. Long time reader but I don't comment often. I was completely taken aback by how old Luke looks in that first photo! What? How?! Only to go on and squeal at the darling-ness of Mason's and Griffin's photos too. I'm newly pregnant with my 3rd at the moment (I have a 4yo daughter and 2yo son) and I've gotten so much inspiration from you as a mother of 3 over the years! Sending love!

  5. Those Christmas pics of the kids are amazing!!

  6. Saw online somewhere to roll cash and put it inside a Pez dispenser (where the candy would go).


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