Friday, November 4, 2022

Friday Favorites

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I don't know how I missed posting these here on the blog but they're some of my FAVORITE pics so even though Halloween has come and gone I'm sharing them anyway ;)

I found a 3XL pet "prisoner" costume at Petco and immediately ordered Jack Bauer this teeny police officer accessory set ;) We couldn't stop laughing when we took these!

Jack Bauer tolerates Rosie WAY better than he used to but he would still absolutely arrest her on any of these charges ;)

Last Friday was one of our FAVORITE mornings at school - Pajama Day!  I tried not to think about how I only have one cutie participating in the parade and instead focused on the most darling koala EVER ;)  (you can find the onesie HERE)

I was teaching during the parade but was grateful to get to see some sweet pics!

Purple/grey/blue polishes are always my go-tos and this one is a new FAVORITE.  It's a little more Fall than my typical purple and I love it so much!


Our family's current FAVORITE game - SORRY!  

Texting with Mason is my FAVORITE - you literally never know what you're going to get ;)

Last Saturday some of Griffin's FAVORITE high school volleyball girls came to watch them play and it was a highlight for everyone.


... and then G and I had to book it over to the dance studio for a ballet rehearsal.  Their Christmas show is coming along and we are getting so excited!

Some FAVORITES from Costco this week included Reese's trees (AMEN!)...

... and these nuts (all the middle school mamas just rolled their eyes REAL hard).

This scene was a FAVORITE...

... and finding some pj options for our North Pole Breakfast that my boys will actually wear was another FAVORITE.  You can shop everything HERE.

I often get asked "where's Jelly Bean" and the answer is always "wherever the heck she wants to be" because honestly... she does what she wants ;)  Well, this week I happened to catch her in one of her FAVORITE spots so here's some photo proof that she's living her best life.

This sunrise was a FAVORITE...

... and  this dress is a FAVORITE.

I have a pretty solid stash of my FAVORITE candy going thanks to making my children turn them all over to me after trick-or-treating ;)

... and  my FAVORITE Christmas earrings are BACK IN STOCK and under $20.  I love that they're subtle Christmas but so much fun when people "get it".

So earlier this week I was pretty bummed because one of the camera lenses on the back of my phone was shattered. I went as far as to set up a time at the apple store to have it repaired when I started looking on amazon for camera lens covers and realized I HAD ALREADY PURCHASED THEM AND PUT THEM ON MY PHONE.  I was equal parts dumbfounded at my actual stupidity and proud of my smartness for installing them in the first place ;) All that to say - they work really well and apparently look good as well because I thought they were actually part of my phone.  You can find them  HERE if you're in the market. They absolutely protected my camera lens and are my new FAVORITE!


HAPPY Friday, friends! We have a busy weekend ahead with a robotics event, volleyball tournament and basketball thrown in there for good measure.  If you're in for some crazy weather today like we are I'm praying that you stay safe! 

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  1. That is HYSTERICAL about the camera lens! You are SO efficient! :)

  2. Tell me more about the nail polish, please. That color is exactly what I love to wear. Cute earrings!! Too funny about the lens, but a good outcome for you! Happy Friday, I have 13 school days, including today, until Thanksgiving break.

  3. So, I need those nuts in my life. There. I said it.

  4. Love that candy stash! Your nails are lovely.

  5. Those Christmas earrings are adorable!

  6. Nice yellow shoes matching with the yellow earrings. You nailed it!


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